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Wc - WC Videos, or “Water Closet” videos, are a type of pornography that involves scenes taking place in a bathroom or toilet. These videos typically feature sexual encounters in which one or more performers interact under the pretense of using the restroom or showering. They often include elements of voyeurism, as the viewer is intended to look “peeping” in on the participants. WC videos range in content from softcore to hardcore pornography and can feature multiple performers of any gender or sexual orientation. Many WC videos have a theme that is depicted in the clothing of the performers or the “set” that the scene takes place in. For example, there are themed WC videos in which female participants wear schoolgirl uniforms, nurses’ outfits, or other clothing to set a particular tone or fantasy. WC videos can appeal to many niches. Some viewers may enjoy the verisimilitude of the scenes, while others may like the novelty and kink of viewing sexual activity in such a confined and intimate space. Some viewers may also find a certain thrill in the privacy that the closed environment of a WC can provide, as it allows them to believe they are voyeuristically peeping on a taboo experience. Whether you’re looking for a particular theme or just want to explore the wide range of WC videos available, you can be sure to find something to suit your interests and desires.