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Rctd - RCTD Porn is a type of pornographic content that has recently become popular in the adult entertainment industry due to its relatively low-budget production and appeal to fans of multiple genres. RCTD, or Reality-Centric Theatrical Drama, attempts to replicate the story lines and atmosphere of a classic movie or television show, with “real world” sexual content. Unlike traditional pornographic material, RCTD porn does not involve a lot of graphic sexual visuals and stunts. Instead, it relies on genuine conversation and emotion between actors as they navigate their virtual space and, eventually, get to the “action.” In essence, RCTD porn has the same components of normal porn, but brings an element of fantasy, foreplay and dialogue to the table. RCTD porn is often shot and edited in the same style as a feature film. Scenes often start off with the backdrop of a “real world” scene and then transition into a simulated environment such as a bedroom, public park or bar. This provides a certain level of comedy and excitement especially as actors engage in different scenarios and struggle to make it to the end. When it comes to the actual sex scenes viewers typically get to see a variety of positions and techniques, with actors speaking naturally as they engage in the action. The appeal of RCTD porn is in the combination of the “real world” experience with simulated pleasure. As the fantasies become more and more realistic, viewers often get to experience a different level of satisfaction that isn't found with traditional porn. Additionally, the lack of explicit visuals often allows for a more mature viewing experience, making it a great option for those looking for some story-driven dirty fun.