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Rap Sex - Rap sex movies explore the sexual side of the hip-hop music genre. These films feature sexually explicit, rap-inspired scenes, often featuring all-star casts of some of the most popular rappers of the present and the past. They are often released as part of rap mixtapes, and many filmmakers consider them to be works of art, given the controversial subject matter. In rap sex movies, one can expect to find lots of hard hitting explicit language peppered throughout. The films are known for their gritty and raw depiction of the hip-hop scene, and the lyrics are no exception. These movies feature a range of performers, from unknowns to the big names in the rap world. The stories in rap sex movies are often set in bleak urban environments, and they can often be quite explicit, covering topics such as drug use, gang violence, street life, and romance. The sexual content often ranges from mild to extremely explicit, as performers explore all aspects of the genre, from body language to sexual acts. Rap sex movies can often be quite polarizing for viewers, as some folks find them to be both vulgar and entertaining at the same time. The raunchy subject matter does have the potential to offend, but those who are open-minded about explicit content are often pleasantly surprised at the high quality of these films. In the end, rap sex movies are different from traditional porn films, in that their focus is more on the hip-hop movement than physical sex acts. For those open to exploring the rap world in a unique and interesting way, these films are definitely worth checking out.