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Raja - The term Raja Movies refers to the X-rated cinema of India. This genre of film, which originated in the late 1960s, has become one of the most popular forms of pornography across the world. Raja Movies feature explicit content, often including oral and anal sex, lesbian encounters, group sex and BDSM. They are typically set in exotic locations and often feature storylines related to contemporary social issues — including gender discrimination and oppression. Themes such as arranged marriages, trafficking, and unconsummated relationships are not uncommon. The movies are usually shot in India and feature primarily Indian actors. Bollywood star Sunny Leone is one of the most famous actors to appear in Raja Movies. Other popular actresses include Anu Aggarwal, Kim Sharma and Isha Koppikar. The Raja Movies genre is marked by boldness and daring — often pushing the limits of Indian society. They contain a wide range of explicit scenes and dialogue, with some movies even reaching NC-17 levels of sexual explicitness. Despite the controversial subject matter, many Raja Movies have developed a cult following over the years. Some also have even achieved modest commercial success. Although Indian censorship is still strict in regards to explicit content, many raunchy Indian films manage to make it to the big screen and draw large audiences. For those interested in exploring the taboo and often racy world of the Raja Movies genre, there are countless DVD collections available online. These can offer viewers an authentic window into the (often twisted) world of Bollywood-style porn.