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Pads - Pads porn is a type of adult entertainment that typically features women and men in pads, such as athletic protective gear, lingerie, and swimwear. It can be considered a subgenre of erotic or fetish films, as it focuses on the sexualized use of pads and padding. Pads porn has been with us since the advent of photography and moving images, and while its exact origins aren't known, it has certainly become more popular over the years. It is thought to represent a form of bondage and domination as in some films, pads are used as punishment. Pads porn can include various activities, from belly dancing to competitive sports and athletic competitions. Many videos also feature characters wearing spandex or latex-like material and playing with pads in a sexual manner. Some films focus on using pads for protection such as in scenes involving fights, combat, or sparring; while others focus on eroticizing the use of pads in various scenes. Pads porn can be pleasurable for both the performer and viewer. It can provide a sense of freedom and exploration, allowing for experimentation and creativity in a familiar and safe environment. Watching actors interact with pads can be a great way to understand and explore fantasies and desires, and most importantly, have fun! Whether you're a voyeur or want to make your own pads porn videos, there are plenty of options available. You can purchase or rent these types of films, create your own, or find tutorials online. Either way, pads porn can be a great way to explore and enjoy adult entertainment.