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Obey - Obey Pornography is a type of adult content that focuses on scenes of domination and submission. It highlights the power dynamics between two individuals and may include elements of humiliation and drawing out pain and pleasure. Obey Pornography can include heterosexual and same-sex couples and may involve activities such as bondage and spanking. Most Obey Pornographic films feature a dominant person or male figure taking control over a submissive partner. There is typically a deep power dynamic present between the two individuals. The dominant partner may set rules and expectations for their submissive partner to follow, as well as physically restrain them. The dominant partner may also verbally and physically reprimand their submissive partner for misbehaviour. In addition, the dominant partner may demand particular acts from their submissive partner in order to reach higher levels of pleasure. Obey Pornography may also feature a variety of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadomasochism) activities, such as spanking, orgasm control, and sensory deprivation. In some films, the masochistic individual may experience intense pleasure from the infliction of pain. Some Obey Pornography films feature a variety of fetishes, including foot worship, domination and cuckolding. The dominant partner may expect the submissive partner to perform certain perverted acts and humiliation rituals. Overall, Obey Pornography is a type of adult content that focuses on the power dynamics between two individuals and the pleasure found in having control over another. It can include a variety of activities and fetishes that are designed to both degrade and satisfy the individuals involved.