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O4m - Oral 4 Music (O4M) movies are a niche subgenre of pornographic films that feature music along with oral sex as its main attraction. While the name of this genre may sound strange, it has quickly become popular with many adult movie viewers looking for something a bit different. O4M movies take the traditional porn scene and add tunes of different styles, ranging from classical music to modern rock and hip-hop. The music is usually used to create a playful and fun atmosphere for the performers, allowing them to make the most out of their sex scene. In addition to the music, some O4M movies may also feature interesting dialogue, with conversations revolving around oral sex and other naughty topics. What separates O4M from traditional adult films is the lack of penetrating sex. However, there is still plenty of steamy action, as the performers often use their mouths to bring each other to climax. In addition, O4M movies can often be found with a variety of toys and props, such as vibrators, dildos, and sex furniture, adding an extra level of stimulation to the visual experience. O4M movies can often be found online, either through streaming services or vor free downloads. They are also available in DVD and Blu-Ray formats for those who want a physical copy of the movie. Because the genre is still fairly new, the selection is not as large as traditional porn, but there are still plenty of great titles to choose from. Fans of oral sex will definitely be happy with the unique scenes that O4M movies offer.