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Lapdance - There’s something special about watching a lapdance movie. It’s sexy, alluring, and yet still leaves something to the imagination. Lapdances are a time-honored form of sexual entertainment, and the movies that feature these sultry performances have become increasingly popular. Lapdance movies typically feature a woman (or several women) in a tantalizing and seductive performance, often as part of a larger strip show. It’s an amazing sight to behold, with the dancer usually taking the lead in the performance, from the selection of music to the pace of the movements. Most of these movies feature plenty of close-up shots, so you can truly appreciate the grace and skill of the dancer. Besides the obvious visual stimulation, what makes lapdance movies such a hit with viewers is the emotional toll taken by the dancer. She allows the audience to experience her performance, as if she was sharing her emotions with them. As a result, viewers usually go away from lapdance movies feeling aroused, energized and empowered. There are now numerous different types of lapdance movies available. Some focus on specific types of dances – such as belly dancing, pole dancing, twerking and burlesque. Meanwhile, others may be more general in nature, showing lapdances of varying styles. Regardless of the type, these movies always provide an entertaining mix of sex appeal and artistic expression. If you’re looking to spice up your movie night, why not give lapdance movies a try? Whether you’re alone or with a partner, these tantalizing performances guarantee to pleasure and excite.