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Image - Image videos are videos that are comprised mostly (or solely) of static images. These types of videos are often seen in adult content, as they provide a different level of explicitness beyond that of traditional pornographic videos. Image videos allow viewers to have an up-close and personal viewing experience, as they can take in the visuals in close detail. Image videos are especially noteworthy in the adult entertainment industry due to their versatility and overall appeal. These types of videos can vary in their visual content – some may be softer in nature, while others can be more explicit – allowing for customization depending on the target audience. Image videos can also contain different levels of artistry, from technical, computer-generated imagery all the way up to hand-drawn, traditional animations. Due to the highly customizable and visually stimulating nature of image videos, they have become increasingly popular within the adult entertainment genre. Along with the rise of adult streaming services, the use of image videos has become even more widespread. These types of videos can be seen across a wide spectrum of platforms and websites, often featuring a broad range of content. In addition to explicit videos, image videos are also often used to describe a person's physical characteristics as part of an identity. Image videos are often responsible for attracting an audience by making use of bright and stimulating visuals. These types of videos provide viewers with a different and more in-depth perspective compared to a traditional pornographic video, thereby allowing people to explore their own sexuality in a more intimate and powerful way.