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House - House videos are a popular form of adult entertainment that feature people having sex in a single-family home. These videos can range from scenes taking place in luxury homes to college dorms to apartments and even just a room set up in a garage. The house video subgenre of adult entertainment is typically shot in order to provide viewers with a more intimate and realistic look at sex. Aside from the voyeuristic feel they give off, these types of videos feature creative and unusual angles, lighting, and sound. When it comes to the people performing in these videos, they are almost always amateurs or career adult performers. It is not uncommon to find newcomers to the industry participating in this type of content. Couples involving the same sex may also be featured in house videos. House videos often feature people engaged in various sexual acts and positions. This can include everything from sex in the bedroom to shower sex, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, and even oral. The only restriction is that the action must take place in a residential setting. Although house videos can be found just about anywhere online these days, the best selection usually lies with those sites and services that specialize in adult content. Whether you’re looking for couple-friendly romance or more hardcore content, these services give viewers the opportunity to find the exact kind of entertainment they desire.