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Hairy Armpit - A growing porn trend is a focus on female body hair, specifically armpit hair. Hairy armpit porno is a genre of porn that is becoming more and more popular, both with viewers and performers. Hairy armpit porno typically features women with full underarm growth, sometimes even in more extreme cases where the hair is downright excessive and long. The emphasis of this type of porn is not necessarily on sexual activity, although there is usually some sex involved, but rather on a celebration of the natural beauty and sexiness of female armpit hair. The aesthetics of hairy armpit porno typically focus on closeup shots of women’s armpits, often alongside other body parts. While some may find such images off-putting or even disgusting, many viewers find the sight of armpit hair on a woman to be incredibly sexy, and so for them, this type of porn is a real turn-on. Overall, hairy armpit porno provides an interesting twist on traditional porn, embracing and celebrating a body part that many women are often embarrassed or ashamed of. It is a genre of porn that is all about natural beauty, and it can be a great source of pleasure and empowerment for all those involved.