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Edging - What are Edging Videos? Edging videos are porn videos that focus on the art of edging, which is a sexual practice that involves achieving an orgasm without actually having one. Edging involves stopping yourself just before orgasm and then starting again, repeating this process several times. In edging videos, the individual stops and starts to build up tension and pleasure for a much more powerful orgasm once it comes. Edging videos have become increasingly popular in the porn industry over the last few years, and there are now thousands available for viewers to enjoy. Edging videos typically feature someone slowly ramping up their arousal until they are right at the edge of orgasm, then stopping and starting again before finally letting ecstasy overtake them. Edging videos can be incredibly stimulating and sensual. They can be a great way to learn more about your body and its pleasure points, as well as to explore different sexual techniques. Plenty of people also find edging pleasurable on its own, as it allows for intense anticipation and pleasure as well as teasing. Edging videos can be found on many porn sites, as well as in DVD or digital formats. As with all porn, make sure to watch only what you enjoy and be aware of any content warnings before viewing.