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Cagando - Cagando videos, otherwise known as scat porn, is a niche form of pornography that involves performing activities in a sexual context with fecal matter or feces. This type of porn is considered to be extreme and is generally only popular with a select few people. Cagando videos often involve performing various sexual acts while smeared in feces or having bodily fluids mixed with feces sprayed all over a partner. The activities that are shown in this type of porn can range from humiliation, torture, and domination, to lighthearted “poop play.” In some countries, it is illegal to produce and distribute cagando videos. Those who engage in producing, viewing or distributing this type of porn are also putting themselves at risk for legal action, since many countries as well as the U.S. and U.K. have laws against obscenity. It is best to avoid looking for or distributing cagando videos. Though cagando videos are considered extreme, some people find that it can be an exciting form of sexual expression, especially in the safety and comfort of one’s own home. For those looking to explore the world of scat porn, there are several resources available to help with exploring this niche, including websites like MessyKink that provide educational materials and even films on the subject.