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Welcome to the world of attacked porn! Here you will find a wide variety of videos featuring people engaged in consenting and non-consensual sexual encounters. These videos typically feature people fighting, struggling, and often giving in to their desires in some way. Enjoy responsibly.

Attacked Hot Sex Tube Videos

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Attacked - Attacked videos is a popular porn genre that features scenes of real-life violence or simulated violence. These videos often depict simulated or actual physical assault and can feature choking, smothering, punching, slapping, and/or forced penetration. The victims in these videos are typically female and are often portrayed as young, helpless, and deeply humiliated. The assailants can be male or female, but it's common for the assailant to be male and for the victim to be female. The majority of these videos are produced for the fetish and BDSM markets. They often come with disclaimers that denote them as “simulated” and not intended for real-life replication. Some of these videos feature real people, while others may simply be acted out by porn stars. Attacked videos are often criticized for normalizing and promoting physical violence against women. However, producers and viewers of the videos may argue that they are simply providing content to those who desire it. Regardless of opinions, the production of this type of content remains highly controversial.