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Welcome to the world of abuso movies. Here, you'll find stories of sexual abuse, violence, and oppression. This is not a place for the faint of heart. Please approach these stories with caution and take the time to process and understand the content within. This is an important topic and we hope the stories you find here can lead to important conversations about healing and resilience. Enjoy responsibly!

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Abuso - Abuse videos depict graphic physical, sexual, emotional and/or mental abuse of an individual or group. Abuse videos typically feature victims of such acts (or potential victims) in fear, pain or distress under the control of a perpetrator or abusers. Abuse videos typically include explicit sexual content, graphic violence and/or threats, and other representations of sexual, physical and emotional abuse often made to a victim or victims. The use of video to document or perpetuate abuse has a long and troubling history, from children’s videos that are full of suggestive and violent content to so-called 'revenge porn' videos -- posted online by an abuser to shame and threaten a former partner -- as well as numerous other types of abuse that are documented through the medium of video. Unfortunately, code of practice guidelines and legislation surrounding the filming, dissemination and storage of abuse videos often lag behind. Often abuse videos remain easily accessible online long after they were originally created, with the digital footprint and associated risks to victims ever-present. While the internet has become a powerful platform for the filming, posting, and distribution of abuse videos – and of other kinds of abusive and harmful behaviour - a range of measures can be taken to help prevent the perpetuation, distribution and viewing of such content. Guidelines and legislation can also be used to help protect victims, including in situations where victims’ needs weren’t considered in the filming or production process. Abuse videos should not be viewed for entertainment or for the purpose of voyeurism. Instead, viewers should look for ways to work towards recognising and preventing such videos from occurring and to support victims of abuse in whatever ways they can.