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Abby Winters - Abby Winters Videos are a popular selection of pornographic content available on various websites. The videos are produced by a group of independent female pornographers, and feature real amateur models who are often inexperienced in the adult industry. The Abby Winters brand specializes in providing content featuring all-natural girls, who are not typically regarded as conventional pornstars. All model shoots feature girls who are over 18 and are of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. The videos are made to empower the self-image of all women by showcasing the diversity and beauty of the female form. The videos produced by Abby Winters typically feature solo or lesbian content, although there are also occasional group scenes. Model shoots often focus on having unscripted and realistic dialogue, featuring the models laughing and talking about their personal experiences and interests. The Abby Winters library of videos cover many different niches, from full-length movies to interactive galleries and streaming scenes. Many also feature close-ups of kisses, lingerie, and sexual positions. In addition to the videos featured on their website, Abby Winters also has a series of podcasts available which discuss various topics related to the adult industry, such as censorship and its effect on women, sex work, body image and more. With over 600 videos on their website and t